16 July 2019

Train your operators with TOPdesk e-learning

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Having well-trained operators manning your service desk is often key if you want to deliver great services. But who doesn't recognize the situation where senior employees are to busy firefighting to invest in a structural solution?

With the TOPdesk e-learning courses for operators, we take some of this stress away from you. Your personnel can start training all by themselves whenever it suits them.

Offer a realistic and interactive approach

The courses cover the day-to-day tasks for service-oriented teams in IT, FM and HR departments, including front and back office.The training environment simulates the TOPdesk interface, so users easily transfer their new skills to their everyday work. When your operators start picking up tasks in your live environment, they’ll recognize TOPdesk and be able to apply what they know.

To complete a course, your employees solve a couple of cases to show they can put theory into practice.

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Bring your employees up to speed – at their own pace

With the TOPdesk e-learning courses, your users are fully flexible as to when and where they complete their TOPdesk courses: during or outside office hours, from home, or while commuting on the train.

Users can follow the courses at their own pace. Participants can pause the training anytime. Unlike a live session on location, users have unlimited access to the courses.

Now available: TOPdesk Basic Training for Operators

This training helps you get new employees at the service desk up and running in Call Management. The course is very hands-on: operators get to know the software while solving a couple of use cases. When they’ve passed, participants are familiar with:

  • solving calls;
  • looking up and reusing solutions from the knowledge base;
  • communicating with callers and colleagues;
  • options to customize their personal TOPdesk environment.

For the time being, users can follow the TOPdesk Basic Training for Operators in English and Dutch. For information on fees, please contact your account manager.

Coming up

The training material next in line will cover TOPdesk Application Management. These tutorials and assignments aim to support system administrators mapping your organization, processes and workflows in TOPdesk.

Want to know more about our current developments? Head over to the TOPdesk product roadmap.