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19 April 2018

5 Vital Knowledge Base KPIs for better Self-Service

Knowledge Management is a never-ending process; continuous development in your organisation means the knowledge base must be constantly updated with new information. It's important to regularly measure the health of your knowledge base. How do you do this?

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12 April 2018

Self-Service and automation - some common questions answered

As probably everyone knows by now, there's been an ever-growing interest in Self-Service and automation the last few years. And that's great! It has a ton of benefits for Service Desk. But some questions still arise: Does it create new work? Will it take away my work? I want to address a few concerns:

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12 April 2018

What is Workforce Enablement?

Research shows happy employees lead to happy customers. And happy customers lead to increased revenue. So how do you keep your fellow employees happy?

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5 April 2018

10 tips for more creative employee onboarding

New responsibilities and dozens of new faces at the same time: a first day can be quite overwhelming. As part of the HR team (or another Service Department), you play a big role in onboarding. With the right preparation you can quickly create a homely environment for a new colleague.

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28 March 2018

Improving your Service Desk Customer Experience in 2018

Want to exceed your customer’s expectations yet again in 2018? Take one step back. Create a sound foundation by taking away all obstacles your customers might have. How? With Workforce Enablement.

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22 March 2018

The changing roles and responsibilities of the Knowledge Manager

Who owns the Knowledge Base at your Service Desk? The politically correct answer is probably “it’s a joint effort”. But in real life, isn't the Knowledge Manager the one doing most of the writing, editing and publishing? This happens quite a lot, it's not optimal, and this is what to do about it.

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14 March 2018

Creating a better Knowledge Base experience (Infographic)

Better Knowledge Management is incredibly important to improving your Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction.

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13 March 2018

Service Desk KPIs, what are they and what are they not? Some examples.

So, you want to set some targets for your department. But where do you start? You’ve done some research and everybody who is anybody seems to be saying that KPIs are the way to go. But what exactly are KPIs, what can they do for you - and perhaps more importantly, what can’t they do?

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8 March 2018

Save costs on your supplier contracts? Do these 3 things.

I recently visited the IT department of an educational institution to advise them about their contract management. Three months later they’d saved one million euros for the coming two years. Just on IT contracts. And guess what? It wasn’t even that hard.

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1 March 2018

This is how your IT department reacts to an agile transition

Introducing an agile way of working means a culture shift at your IT department. Some embrace the change, others might not be so eager to change the way they work. What reactions can you expect from your IT employees? And how do you deal with these reactions?

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