12 September 2018

Empower your callers and let them share calls

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28 August 2018

Notes in the TOPdesk Kanban Board

In January, you were first introduced to the Kanban Board for Call Management. With this board, you’re able to visualize workloads for Lean and Agile teams. Now it’s time to take your agile process a step further with Notes. Notes are flexible tasks you use separately or in combination with calls already on the Kanban Board. Notes make the Kanban Board even more suitable for various types of teams. Read on to see how different teams can use the board!

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21 August 2018

Self-service versus chat: is chat the way forward?

We get it. At TOPdesk we advised you to set up a Self-Service Portal, and you’ve followed our advice. Once you implemented your portal, the phone stopped ringing and customers now use it 90% of the time to request your products or services. Good job! Four months later, and you hear about the scheduled launch of a new TOPdesk chat module. Hang on – is TOPdesk now suggesting that you should go back to 1-on-1 conversations between customers and service desk staff?

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16 August 2018

Improve your service organization's efficiency with chat

Working at a service organization can be overwhelming. When a server is down, for instance, you’re bombarded with phone calls to get it fixed – ASAP! Not being able to get hold of someone straight away even adds to your customer’s unhappiness. When these calls finally end up at the service team, damage repair needs to be done first before the customer can return to their happy state.

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15 August 2018

How chat improves your customers' experience

Humans share an urgency to interact with one another. We all like to talk, touch, text, wink, and receive some kind of reply. The way we like to interact, however, differs from person to person. At work, for instance, some people prefer receiving automated feedback, while others would rather get an answer face-to-face. The way a message is conveyed has a big impact on how the receiver interprets and values it.

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14 August 2018

Not just a Self-Service Portal, but a Customer Service Portal as well!

TOPdesk is working hard to provide even better support for service delivery in the Managed Services chain, as well as grant more insight for you and your end users. We’ve already taken some necessary steps; service-level management has been expanded, services can now be described and offered via the Self-Service Portal, and you can customize the portal’s look & feel and tile availability for individual customers and users. However, you also want to be able to inform your customer after they have made the decision to start using your service. While the portal’s emphasis used to be on the ‘self’, we will be shifting the focus more and more to facilitating at the individual customer level. We have taken several steps to achieve this in recent months, transforming our portal from a mere Self-Service Portal into a Customer Service Portal.

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10 August 2018

How TOPdesk leverages AI to create the best customer experience

AI and Service Management

AI is hot. If you’ve visited any tech conferences recently, you’ll have noticed that all hosts talk about Artificial Intelligence in one way or another. The use cases presented by big technology vendors also spark the imagination. I’m sure you’ve seen the self-driving cars, Google’s DeepMind winning at Go and Virtual assistants making appointments for you by calling your hairdresser. However, as with any trend, the dust will have to settle before we can start distinguishing where AI can add real value. Many companies are still testing the water: experimenting and investigating applications without fully committing. So, what will the AI trend bring to the service management field and TOPdesk?

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12 July 2018

TOPdesk Virtual Appliance - Release plan

Previously, we wrote about the new TOPdesk installation process. Some of our new features have been released in compliance with our software's new services architecture which is currently only available on SaaS. We’ll be replacing the installer with a Virtual Appliance to provide those features to on-premises customers as well, without requiring complicated configuration. We are now close to releasing the first version of the Appliance. The picture below shows the release plan. Keep reading to find out what we’ve got to offer in the next few months.

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11 July 2018

Loading external asset information in TOPdesk

Have you ever been faced with the challenge to make sure your organization has an up-to-date CMDB? It's not always easy, that's for sure. And do you even need to record all information in your CMDB?

Traditionally we see companies trying to mirror a vendor's website for example, to have everything at hand. With TOPdesk's web content widget you load up any information from the internet into your asset card. Check out a few examples below for showing vendor information, visualizing your asset on Google Maps or having real-time insights into the monitoring of your server.

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1 June 2018

Going the extra mile: improving customer satisfaction with duration reports

Do you want to improve your customer satisfaction, but are you unsure where to start? Are you not meeting the response time agreements you have with your customers but is it unclear why? You can now use the duration distribution report to gain a deeper understanding of the life cycle of a request in your organization. Identify the potential bottlenecks in your organization by reviewing how long requests stay on a certain status or operator group, and gain more control over your processes.

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